Can you recommend any goggles specifically for open water swimming?


Certainly! Based on the search results, here are some highly recommended goggles specifically for open water swimming:

  1. Zone3 Venator X – These goggles have mirrored and polarized lenses, providing excellent visibility in open water. They also have soft, flexible silicone gaskets and a wide split strap for a comfortable fit.
  2. Zoggs Tiger LSR – These goggles are known for their soft and comfortable fit. They feature Zoggs’ “Liquid Skin” silicone gaskets, which are gentle on the skin and stay in place during swimming. The mirrored lenses offer protection from glare without making the surroundings too dark.
  3. Aquasphere Xceed Yellow – Designed for bright light conditions, these goggles have a close fit around the eye socket, providing a streamlined and snug feel. The curved lenses offer a good range of vision, and the sturdy straps ensure they stay in place. However, they are best suited for very sunny, outdoor swimming.
  4. Speedo Vue Mirror – These goggles have a standout fit and features. They instantly fit to the face without needing adjustments and offer wide, curved lenses for great visibility. The mirrored lenses block bright lights while keeping colors true. They are suitable for both pool and open-water swimming.
  5. Aquasphere Xceed Silver Mirrored – These goggles have a darkish tint and a smaller open-water goggle design. They provide good visibility and excellent peripheral vision. The silver mirrored lenses are suitable for bright light conditions while maintaining true colors.
  6. Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite – These goggles offer a snug and secure fit with a streamlined design. They feature an unusual one-piece strap with a marked adjuster for easy adjustment. The mirrored lenses provide excellent visibility, and the goggles come with a large hard case for protection.

Please note that the best goggles for open water swimming may vary depending on individual preferences and swimming conditions. It’s always a good idea to try on different goggles and see which ones fit and feel the most comfortable for you.

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