Should parents teach their children to swim?

child's swim goggles
child's swim goggles

“Sure, you can teach your child to swim yourself. But after many years of coaching, I decided against it with my own children. Experience has shown me that it’s incredibly taxing for both parties,” says the father of three. Because while the kids are usually motivated to get into the water, they’re rarely inclined to do something just because the father or mother wants them to.

“In a swimming course, children learn much faster and follow a pedagogically proven methodology. Additionally, they learn with peers, which enhances learning success, enjoyment, and motivation,” asserts the certified sports teacher. Moreover, beginner courses typically have two or more instructors responsible for eight to ten children. Once the children are older and genuinely interested in learning about swimming and training, then, as a father/trainer, you become the go-to person again.

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Best Swim goggles
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